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Best Panini Press models for restaurant use

There are numerous Panini press models out there with different features and functions which makes it difficult to choose one for yourself. So, how do you know which one is the best model out there? Where do you find all this information?

Worry not, we understand that sometimes you don’t have time to check out several websites and shops to look for the perfect Panini press model for yourself so, we have listed down the 5 best Panini press models which you can consider to buy this year.

Hamilton Beach 25460A

One of the best and most reasonably priced Panini maker, this model can press any sized sandwich with considerable ease and provide you with perfectly grilled sandwiches in just a few seconds. It includes a café-style floating lid which allows you to evenly press down on the sandwiches and due to its upright storage design, it can be conveniently stored in any part of your kitchen.

It also lets you track your food’s cooking process with the help of preheating and power lights and the best part about this model is that it just costs you $25! Yes, it is cheap and convenient, what else do you want in your Panini press?

Cuisinart GR-4N

Another great sandwich makes which can act as a panini press, a full grill, a full griddle, a contact grill, and a part grill/part griddler, this model provides you with 5 functions in one equipment at a cost of just $80. An amazing model for cooking panini sandwiches of every size, this model not only allows you to cook a consistently cooked food but also gives it a modern look.

With its non-stick, removable plates, you can cook several types of dishes easily and consistently. It also includes adjustable temperature controls which come with indicator lights for better tracking of your cooked food.

Breville BSG520XL

At $70, this is another highly recommended model which can provide you with 1500-watt power to grill your food evenly. With its flat bottom and ribbed top plate, you can be sure that your food items will be evenly cooked and will have those much desired grill marks upon them.

It also allows you to adjust its height which makes it convenient for grilling a variety of items with ease and with its on/off light indicator, you can easily track the progress of your grill.

Hamilton Beach 25450

Another quite famous model for grilling sandwiches, this one comes with a floating lid which makes it easy to grill any sized sandwiches or food items with commendable ease. It is quite affordable at $50 and provides you with high-quality sandwiches in no time at all.

It includes many features like high power, preheat lights in addition to locking lid and upright storage which makes it both convenient and easy to use. It is huge so that you can make several sandwiches at a time and with its non-sticky grid, cleaning couldn’t be any easier.

Cuisinart GR-300WS

This model is probably one of the most expensive model at $190 but all for a good reason. It can act like a Panini press, a full grill, a contact grill, a full griddle, a top melt and a half grill/half griddle. It also includes removable plates which makes it versatile and easier to clean and with its dual zone temperature control, you can keep track of your food at all time.

It also provides you with enough space to grill several sandwiches at a time and it can fire up to 500 Fahrenheit for 2 minutes, giving you enough time to preheat or your grill your desired food items.

5 Tips to follow if you’re looking to spice up your restaurant’s interiors

If you want your restaurant to become successful, it is important that you pay attention to its interior design and make the necessary changes if required.

You might think that customers don’t care about all this but they do care a lot, a good interior design is bound to impress your customers and will surely pull them towards your restaurant time and again.

So make sure you follow these 5 tips regarding interior designing if you want your restaurant to be successful.

Interesting concept

A good interior design requires you to choose an interesting concept or theme for your restaurant and stick to it.

So if you decide that you would like your restaurant to look classy, then stick to it and don’t mix too many different themes together, that would just end up in confusing your customers and will look like it is just a mess.

So make sure you choose a theme which most people would like and relate to and then style your restaurant according to that.

Window displays

Now you might think that customers won’t pay much attention to what is hanging at your windows, but you are definitely wrong. In fact, many customers become intrigued with your window decorations and only then they decide to pay your little restaurant a visit.

So if you want to attract more customers to your restaurant, pay special attention to the window displays and put on some really eye-catching displays for the passersby.

Convenient layout

One of the main things to consider to ensure a good interior design is that you have an appropriate and carefully planned layout which doesn’t disrupt your customers and staff.

Your layout shouldn’t be arranged in such a way that the customers always disrupt the staff’s work or the staff always disrupts the peaceful and calm conversation which the customers are having. So you need to decide on a layout and keep all the components separate enough to perform their task well.

If you have less interior space, you might need to properly arrange the reception and tables so that there is not too much of a traffic around the area. A good layout can significantly help you boost your business.

Stylish and suitable décor

Make sure that you have good decorations to go with your theme and layout. It is important to decorate your restaurant as it adds a little liveliness and freshness to your place and provides your customers to admire something.

A good decoration could make or break your restaurant and it really needs to go hand in hand with your chosen theme.


Another way to ensure a great restaurant interior is by using appropriate lightings. Depending on your themes, you will need to install the lightings for your restaurant.

So if you are going for a classy, comfortable theme, then you might need to get soft lightings or if you are going for a chic, modern place you might need to get white lights for that. Remember lightings are important to set a mood for your restaurant and should never be underestimated.

5 Kitchen Designs trending in 2017

A kitchen is not just a place to cook food; it is a space where you bring your guests and friends to chat up while you work. So it is crucial that your kitchen has an amazing design which looks trendy and classy and at the same time which would help you in your kitchen work.

A good kitchen layout will not only be helpful to you but will also be impressive to your peers, and well we all like to be praised every now and then, don’t we? So check out these 5 most popular kitchen layouts and style your own kitchen in a similar design:

Zone Design

This type of kitchen layout ensures that you can get more people in the kitchen to help you out while not disrupting each other’s work and causing a mess. In this layout, the kitchen is divided into several zones.

You have a separate space for cooking, cleaning and eating which ensures that a person assigned to the task of cooking won’t hinder another person performing the task of cleaning. It provides you with an efficient and neat layout and prevents any kind of a mess.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the most popular layouts for those families where more than one person is entitled with the task of cooking.

This design provides you with a large space which allows several people to cook at once and also provides you with an increased storage space. You can either leave the center empty or put your dining table or an island workstation to provide you with more place to work with.

L-Shaped Layout

If you wish for a smaller kitchen area, then the L-shaped layout is the one to go for. This design includes a main wall of cabinets with either a sink or a range on one corner and a shorter set of cabinets in this L-shaped layout.

It also allows you space to put a dining table in the kitchen but is not suitable for more than 2 cooks at a time.

Island Kitchen Layouts

This is one of the most popular kitchen designs for those people who like to work and interact at the same time. The island kitchen in the middle allows you more space to store your food items or work on your cooking while chatting up with your family and friends.

It also provides you with enough space to work alone or in groups and you have more storage space too. You can also teach new cooking tricks to your friend by using the island counter.

Galley Kitchen

This design is recommended for people who have less space and would like to keep their guests out of their kitchen. It includes two straight runs on either sides and usually the sink is on the one side and the range on the other side.

You can turn a one-wall design into a galley design and add a little island opposite the wall of cabinets. But do keep in mind that this kitchen restricts many people at once so make sure that this is what you want before choosing this layout.

5 Pie recipes to make your weekend dinners awesome

Who doesn’t love pie? I certainly do and I am sure most of you love it too. While eating a delicious pie in your home at the weekend can certainly make your weekend into a much more fun event, making one at home could really escalate the fun level.

So if you are up to try new pie recipes this weekend, do give these following pies a chance. These pies are easy, quick and provide you with the most delicious taste ever.

Chocolate Cream Pie

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you are also a big fan of chocolate, then you should definitely try this pie recipe. With the whipped cream and chocolate shavings as a topping, it provides you with a delectable and elegant looking pie with just a few simple steps.

For this pie, first, you need to whisk together milk, sugar, cornstarch, egg yolks and salt in a saucepan over medium heat and continue the whisking until the mixture thickens, then add chopped chocolate and butter to the mixture.

Now all you need to do is pour the mixture in the pie crust and let it cool for several hours. Then just top it up with whipped cream and you are all set to serve.

Lemon Cheesecake Pie

If you love cheesecakes, then you would definitely this simple recipe which requires you to just mix all the ingredients, pour it into a piecrust and bake it.

You just need to take cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, eggs, lemon juice, vanilla extract and salt in a food process and mix them well until they are consistently smooth.

Now pour the mixture into the piecrust and bake it for an hour. Then let it cool down for 4-5 hours and top it with lemon zest and serve.

Peanut Butter Pie

This pie recipe offers you an ultra-creamy pie which is topped up with chopped peanuts and crumbled cookie pieces and tastes utterly delicious.

For this recipe, you need to first beat heavy cream into soft peaks and then beat in the marshmallow cream and creamy peanut butter together.

Then spread the mixture on your piecrust and add chopped peanuts and crumbled cookies as the topping and let your pie chill for 4-5 hours. Serve when ready.

Raspberry Buttermilk Pie

If you want to try a sweet and tangy pie this weekend, then you should definitely make the Raspberry Buttermilk pie. The raspberries provide a sweet flavor to the tanginess of the custard filling making it infinitely more delicious.

You just need to whisk together a mixture of buttermilk, sugar, butter, flour, egg yolks, vanilla extract, and salt. Once the mixture is ready, pour it in the piecrust and bake it for around 50 minutes.

Then let it cool down and top it up with raspberry jam and toasted sliced almonds, your pie is all set to eat now.

Cranberry Apple Pie

This delicious cranberry pie with granola toppings is the most delicious pie ever and not really complicated too. All you have to do it take a large bowl and mix together the cranberries, apples, cinnamon, sugar, cornstarch, lemon zest, and salt.

Shift this whole mixture to the piecrust and top it with granola and butter. Bake the pie for 1 hour until the apples get soft and then let it cool down before you serve it.

The crisp topping would add texture to your pie and will make it look more appetizing.