5 Kitchen Designs trending in 2017

A kitchen is not just a place to cook food; it is a space where you bring your guests and friends to chat up while you work. So it is crucial that your kitchen has an amazing design which looks trendy and classy and at the same time which would help you in your kitchen work.

A good kitchen layout will not only be helpful to you but will also be impressive to your peers, and well we all like to be praised every now and then, don’t we? So check out these 5 most popular kitchen layouts and style your own kitchen in a similar design:

Zone Design

This type of kitchen layout ensures that you can get more people in the kitchen to help you out while not disrupting each other’s work and causing a mess. In this layout, the kitchen is divided into several zones.

You have a separate space for cooking, cleaning, and eating which ensures that a person assigned to the task of cooking won’t hinder another person performing the task of cleaning. It provides you with an efficient and neat layout and prevents any kind of a mess.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the most popular layouts for those families where more than one person is entitled to the task of cooking.

This design provides you with a large space which allows several people to cook at once and also provides you with an increased storage space. You can either leave the center empty or put your dining table or an island workstation to provide you with more place to work with.

L-Shaped Layout

If you wish for a smaller kitchen area, then the L-shaped layout is the one to go for. This design includes a main wall of cabinets with either a sink or a range on one corner and a shorter set of cabinets in this L-shaped layout.

It also allows you space to put a dining table in the kitchen but is not suitable for more than 2 cooks at a time.

Island Kitchen Layouts

This is one of the most popular kitchen designs for those people who like to work and interact at the same time. The island kitchen in the middle allows you more space to store your food items or work on your cooking while chatting up with your family and friends.

It also provides you with enough space to work alone or in groups and you have more storage space too. You can also teach new cooking tricks to your friend by using the island counter.

Galley Kitchen

This design is recommended for people who have less space and would like to keep their guests out of their kitchen. It includes two straight runs on either side and usually, the sink is on the one side and the range on the other side.

You can turn a one-wall design into a galley design and add a little island opposite the wall of cabinets. But do keep in mind that this kitchen restricts many people at once so make sure that this is what you want before choosing this layout.

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