Our recommendations of the best industrial kitchen faucets

Lately more people are opting for Commercial Kitchen Faucets for their kitchen since it provides your kitchen with a professional look and feel. With its high-arc spout and flexible neck, you can easily clean deep sink dishes and it can be used for long ranges too.

There are many Industrial Kitchen Faucets out there each varying in shape, size, and features. To make the whole choosing process easier for you, we have listed down a few of the best Industrial Kitchen Faucets.

Kraus KPF-1602

One of the most popular Commercial Kitchen Faucet, this pre-rinse faucet offers you with a single lever faucet which is integrated with a two-way diverter for controlling the water flow as needed.

With its two available finishes in Stainless steel and chrome which prevents any kind of rusting or corrosion on the faucet and ensures a highly durable faucet for your kitchen. With its powerful pre-rinse spray and spout swivels, you have complete sink access for a highly efficient cleaning.

It also includes a low-flow aerator which ensures that the water pressure would be adequate and prevents any kind of wastage of water. This faucet contains ceramic cartridges which ensure a smooth flow and a drip-free use and with its pull-down faucet, you have more flexibility to clean your dishes and sink.

It is a little on the pricier side ($238 for Chrome & $298 for Stainless Steel) but its features and easy installation make it worth the price to pay. So if you are looking for a modern kitchen faucet for your large sink space, then this is the one for you.

Danze D455158SS

Although a little expensive ($224 for Chrome and $378 for Stainless Steel), this faucet is perfect for those users who would like to give a modern look to their kitchen while not compromising on the basic functionalities. This single-handle pre-rinse kitchen faucet comes in two finishes:

Stainless Steel and Chrome and can provide a beautiful look to your kitchen. It uses ceramic valves which ensure that there are minimum leakages and more efficiency and with its 2 spray modes, you can also switch between spraying and streaming water as required.

It features a spout which is 10 inches long and can cover great distance for cleaning and with its spring-action wand, you can easily put it back into the holder when done with the cleaning.

The best part about this faucet is its durability and that it comes with a lifelong warranty. So don’t miss out this opportunity on a great faucet, go and check out this model now.

Comllen Pre-Rinse Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This single-handled pull-out kitchen faucet is flexible and convenient to use and provides you easy control of both hot and cold water. With its 1-hole easy installation and pull-out faucet, it is an epitome of convenience and is perfect for those homes which don’t have a lot of sink space.

With its 360-degree faucet rotation and pull out sprayer, you can reach and clean utensils easily and with its flexible hose you can keep the faucet at different angles to ensure a thorough cleaning of the sink and dishes.

This ceramic disc type faucet allows you the option to switch between stream flow and sprayer settings and is prone to fewer leakages like other faucet types.

Its chrome finish ensures that your faucet will be safe from any kind of tarnish or corrosion when used daily. It is truly a good investment for your kitchen at such a low price ($89.9).


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