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Pros and Cons of using a Keurig Coffee Maker

Whenever you hear about single serve coffee maker, coffee lovers would immediately say Keurig coffee maker as their first choice. Most of the people have already replaced their traditional ones with the modern single-serve brewing system. The different variety of Keurig models and their functionalities make them better than others.

So if you really want to get a new coffee maker, let us first see what are the advantages and disadvantages that come with Keurig coffee makers.


Speed: A Keurig machine can brew coffee faster is perhaps one of the main reasons why people prefer to have it. A number of these systems can brew a cup of coffee in less than one minute. Not only this, another big advantage of having a Keurig machine is that it is controlled by a single button. Unlike other low quality and traditional coffee makers, these machines make sure that they don’t produce coffee with scorched taste.

Flexibility: A wide variety of decaf and caffeinated beverages that includes coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, hot tea or cold tea can be easily prepared using Keurig machine. And if you go for the newest models, they can even prepare iced coffee.

Functionality: Most of the Keurig machines have a removable reservoir that can be easily refiled. Again, if you go for newest models they offer you different cup sizes also, which basically guarantee the quality of your coffee or any other beverage regardless of the cup size. A number of systems also have a rinse cycle feature that automatically cleans the interior of your coffee maker.

Features to fit your needs: If you have more than one coffee drinkers in the house, one doesn’t want to have the same taste and loves to experiment with the flavors and the other one cannot stand flavored coffee. No worries, with a Keurig coffee maker it is easy to accommodate everyone’s taste without having a brew in several pots. You can check out Keurig coffee maker reviews at kitchenguyd before buying a new one for yourself.

Different Keurig models provide you different features, so before having one simply compare them and choose that fits your needs. Perfect functioning, ease of use, innovative features and a variety of drinks, there can be any reason why you want to have a Keurig machine in your kitchen.


Comparatively less efficient: A Keurig coffee machine can be proved less efficient as compared to the traditional coffee maker when it comes to brewing several cups at a time. Because while the single-serve function will make sure that the beverage is hot or cold (according to your preferences), it can be one of the limitations of the machine.

Unrecyclable K-cups: No doubt that a Keurig coffee maker offers you a large selection of coffee in K-cups but these cups cannot be recycled and coffee aficionados will have to buy many. Thus, the conclusion is when you add the amount of these K-cups, it can be the relatively big sum.

• Some models don’t support different cup sizes: There are many Keurig models that do not support different cups sizes and you may end up with more water in the drink. Due to the reason, people who prefer to have strong coffee may find it difficult.
However, Keurig coffee makers are really popular in the coffee maker industry. The models offer you innovative features and are user-friendly. So if you want to have quality coffee daily, nothing is better than a Keurig coffee maker.

Our recommendations of the best industrial kitchen faucets

Lately more people are opting for Commercial Kitchen Faucets for their kitchen since it provides your kitchen with a professional look and feel. With its high-arc spout and flexible neck, you can easily clean deep sink dishes and it can be used for long ranges too.

There are many Industrial Kitchen Faucets out there each varying in shape, size, and features. To make the whole choosing process easier for you, we have listed down a few of the best Industrial Kitchen Faucets.

Kraus KPF-1602

One of the most popular Commercial Kitchen Faucet, this pre-rinse faucet offers you with a single lever faucet which is integrated with a two-way diverter for controlling the water flow as needed.

With its two available finishes in Stainless steel and chrome which prevents any kind of rusting or corrosion on the faucet and ensures a highly durable faucet for your kitchen. With its powerful pre-rinse spray and spout swivels, you have complete sink access for a highly efficient cleaning.

It also includes a low-flow aerator which ensures that the water pressure would be adequate and prevents any kind of wastage of water. This faucet contains ceramic cartridges which ensure a smooth flow and a drip-free use and with its pull-down faucet, you have more flexibility to clean your dishes and sink.

It is a little on the pricier side ($238 for Chrome & $298 for Stainless Steel) but its features and easy installation make it worth the price to pay. So if you are looking for a modern kitchen faucet for your large sink space, then this is the one for you.

Danze D455158SS

Although a little expensive ($224 for Chrome and $378 for Stainless Steel), this faucet is perfect for those users who would like to give a modern look to their kitchen while not compromising on the basic functionalities. This single-handle pre-rinse kitchen faucet comes in two finishes:

Stainless Steel and Chrome and can provide a beautiful look to your kitchen. It uses ceramic valves which ensure that there are minimum leakages and more efficiency and with its 2 spray modes, you can also switch between spraying and streaming water as required.

It features a spout which is 10 inches long and can cover great distance for cleaning and with its spring-action wand, you can easily put it back into the holder when done with the cleaning.

The best part about this faucet is its durability and that it comes with a lifelong warranty. So don’t miss out this opportunity on a great faucet, go and check out this model now.

Comllen Pre-Rinse Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This single-handled pull-out kitchen faucet is flexible and convenient to use and provides you easy control of both hot and cold water. With its 1-hole easy installation and pull-out faucet, it is an epitome of convenience and is perfect for those homes which don’t have a lot of sink space.

With its 360-degree faucet rotation and pull out sprayer, you can reach and clean utensils easily and with its flexible hose you can keep the faucet at different angles to ensure a thorough cleaning of the sink and dishes.

This ceramic disc type faucet allows you the option to switch between stream flow and sprayer settings and is prone to fewer leakages like other faucet types.

Its chrome finish ensures that your faucet will be safe from any kind of tarnish or corrosion when used daily. It is truly a good investment for your kitchen at such a low price ($89.9).


Guide : How to use Keurig coffee maker

Have you recently bought a new Keurig Coffee Machine? Not sure how to use it? Don’t worry, we understand that using a Keurig coffee machine for the first time could seem a little confusing but once you have got the hang of it, it is the easiest task in this whole world. Although there are many Keurig models which have different steps to brew a cup of coffee, the basic mechanism remains the same.

Here is how you can brew yourself a good cup of coffee using your Keurig coffee maker in no time at all:

Things you will need:


  • If this is the first time that you are using your coffee maker then, you would need to remove the adhesive tape from the machine and plug in the cord into a grounded outlet. Mostly the Keurig coffee makers are not for commercial use, so for commercial use checkout commercial espresso makers.
  • Now, you need to fill the reservoir with water. For this, you can remove the reservoir from the machine by lifting it up and away and then open its cover to fill in the water. If it doesn’t come with a removable reservoir, then you would need to fill the water directly into the reservoir while it is attached to the coffee machine.
  • Make sure that you clean your reservoir by rinsing it with water a few times to ensure that there is no dust or dirt which accumulates inside it.
  • Once you have filled the water into the reservoir, place it back inside the machine and make sure it is locked with the help of the lock tabs.
  • Once this is done, you would need to start a brew cycle to clean the machine. All you have to do is start the brew and keep a mug beneath the coffee machine spout. Let the water heat up and pour into the mug and then discard this water.
  • Now, once the coffee machine is thoroughly cleaned, you can brew your desired cup of coffee. Just choose a coffee flavor and get the K-cup for the same. You can choose from a few sizes. Once you have the desired K-cup, don’t remove the top foil lid. The Keurig machine will make holes in the lid and pass the water through it to brew a cup of coffee.
  • So, now just insert the K-cup into the machine’s center and close the lid of the coffee machine. Now, you can press the button which says ‘Ready to brew’ and place your mug or cup on the top of the drip tray. You can choose your desired coffee strength or size.
  • Now, all you need to do is wait for your coffee to pour out into your mug. If there is an excess of coffee, it will simply get absorbed by the drip tray.

Note: You can brew a new cup of coffee in just a few minutes but if your coffee machine doesn’t work properly or stops in the middle of a brew, then it would be better to get the customer care to help you out and get the model replaced as soon as possible.

5 Kitchen Designs trending in 2017

A kitchen is not just a place to cook food; it is a space where you bring your guests and friends to chat up while you work. So it is crucial that your kitchen has an amazing design which looks trendy and classy and at the same time which would help you in your kitchen work.

A good kitchen layout will not only be helpful to you but will also be impressive to your peers, and well we all like to be praised every now and then, don’t we? So check out these 5 most popular kitchen layouts and style your own kitchen in a similar design:

Zone Design

This type of kitchen layout ensures that you can get more people in the kitchen to help you out while not disrupting each other’s work and causing a mess. In this layout, the kitchen is divided into several zones.

You have a separate space for cooking, cleaning, and eating which ensures that a person assigned to the task of cooking won’t hinder another person performing the task of cleaning. It provides you with an efficient and neat layout and prevents any kind of a mess.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This is one of the most popular layouts for those families where more than one person is entitled to the task of cooking.

This design provides you with a large space which allows several people to cook at once and also provides you with an increased storage space. You can either leave the center empty or put your dining table or an island workstation to provide you with more place to work with.

L-Shaped Layout

If you wish for a smaller kitchen area, then the L-shaped layout is the one to go for. This design includes a main wall of cabinets with either a sink or a range on one corner and a shorter set of cabinets in this L-shaped layout.

It also allows you space to put a dining table in the kitchen but is not suitable for more than 2 cooks at a time.

Island Kitchen Layouts

This is one of the most popular kitchen designs for those people who like to work and interact at the same time. The island kitchen in the middle allows you more space to store your food items or work on your cooking while chatting up with your family and friends.

It also provides you with enough space to work alone or in groups and you have more storage space too. You can also teach new cooking tricks to your friend by using the island counter.

Galley Kitchen

This design is recommended for people who have less space and would like to keep their guests out of their kitchen. It includes two straight runs on either side and usually, the sink is on the one side and the range on the other side.

You can turn a one-wall design into a galley design and add a little island opposite the wall of cabinets. But do keep in mind that this kitchen restricts many people at once so make sure that this is what you want before choosing this layout.